(Y)our Mission: Responsible

Together. Innovative. Sustainable.

Game changer in rigid packaging

We are a diverse group of over 3,700 employees who live and work in many different countries and cultures throughout Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. PACCOR employs people from over 37 different nationalities and our Global Management team consists of 50% female members comprised of six different nationalities. It is extremely important to us that all employees have equal rights and the same possibilities and opportunities. Self-motivation and the willingness to learn and develop are the keys to taking the next step.

The power of diversity in backgrounds, ways of problem-solving, personal knowledge, gender, and culture fosters our growth and inspires the whole organization. Our corporate culture is best described as learning from each other, understanding different perspectives, including them into creating solutions, feeling valued, and bringing inspiration by defining new paths. Overall, we want our employees to be proud of working for PACCOR.


Our values guide all our actions, decisions, and behaviors. Every day, we need to take decisions in a highly volatile environment. At the same time, we are diverse coming from various cultural backgrounds with different experiences and we operate in a broad range of markets. That’s why our clear values are so important for the future success of PACCOR. 



We are not only taking responsibility for our employees, our customers, and partners but also for society and especially our environment. To us, it’s important to create a culture that enables everyone to shape the future with us.



Innovation is part of our DNA. On a daily basis our employees are developing new technologies, working on new ideas and innovations for our products and solutions. Our mission is to create long-lasting and innovative packaging solutions with the overall goal of protecting what is worth being protected.



PACCOR unites more than 3,700 employees from 37 different countries. We know that these people from various backgrounds, experiences, skills, knowledge, and creativity make the difference. Diversity and inclusion are topics that we not only promote through statements but embrace and live through real actions.



PACCOR leads the transition towards a circular economy with a safe, committed, diverse and capable workforce. Thus we contribute to the protection of valuable products in the food and non-food markets and to a sustainable future, we can be proud of.


Katharina Geck,

"Being a controller means you are responsible to assist the management with your analyses of the data because the management decisions are based on them. In times of digitalization, it is a big challenge to deal with all the data."

Marko Nieminen,
Machine Operator

"High quality and production efficiency are the key drivers in our work. To be able to meet the goals that are set and the high requirements on the quality that our customers expect, a lot of responsibility and motivation is needed."

Caterina Camerani,
Vice President Sustainability

"I always had a passion for sustainability and wanted to improve life on earth, especially to protect all-natural species. I’m very lucky to have this as part of my daily work in a company that wants to be the leader in the circular economy and makes it the way in which we do business."

Johanna Luible,
Sales Manager

"I am the first point of contact for our customers when they have questions and requests and am the link between them and our internal departments such as the planning and production department."


The PACCOR care strategy