We are a diverse group of around 3,300 employees who live and work in many different countries and cultures throughout Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. PACCOR employs people from over 37 different nationalities and our Global Management team consists of 50% female members comprised of six different nationalities. It is extremely important to us that all employees have equal rights and the same possibilities and opportunities. Self-motivation and the willingness to learn and develop are the keys to taking the next step.

The power of diversity in backgrounds, ways of problem-solving, personal knowledge, gender, and culture fosters our growth and inspires the whole organization. Our corporate culture is best described as learning from each other, understanding different perspectives, including them into creating solutions, feeling valued, and bringing inspiration by defining new paths. Overall, we want our employees to be proud of working for PACCOR.

Living diversity

Health and safety first

Our work to establish a zero harm strategy and a culture of care for our colleagues starts with safety. Creating safe workplaces which enhance the physical and mental health and well-being of our employees is a fundamental PACCOR value. It is understood that our employees need to be as safe at work as they are at home. Our safety work is integrated into all our working methods, decisions, and projects. 

There is a safety committee, made up of safety officers and trade union representatives at all our sites, which meets every quarter. We promote and implement measures to maintain the health of our employees by raising awareness of health-conscious behavior, disease prevention, and further training on health protection.

Building capabilities

In 2019, as a new-born company, PACCOR defined its core values and competencies. We decided what is needed to achieve our long-term targets and drive our global strategic initiatives including the sustainability agenda. These values and competencies are the fundament for our performance culture and consequently the fundament for our people development strategy. The former performance management system has slightly been adjusted and is serving as a base for the implementation of our focused people development training. In the next step, professional succession planning will ensure transparent career paths, international development possibilities, and availability of the needed resources.

The PACCOR care strategy

Employee Engagement

Taking the next steps and achieving our ambitious plans requires active participation and commitment of all our employees. We are convinced that our staff makes the difference. We experience this every day. They define our contacts to our customers and suppliers and drive our operations. It is fundamental to assure that our employees work in an environment where they are able to give their best.

To understand where we are today and what it takes, it is important for us to get the input and support of all our employees. Therefore, we regularly conduct employee surveys. They are designed to understand how satisfied our employees are and to obtain their feedback on how to improve our way of working.

Good neighbours

It is essential for PACCOR to be part of our local communities and valued as a responsible citizen. During the past years, we have provided financial assistance to several local projects through community programs. For example, PACCOR Iberia is highly involved in cleaning initiatives to facilitate recycling options together with other companies. In 2020, we also launched our new societal program “PACCOR Community” and defined a standard approach for measuring and managing the overall social impact of our interaction with local communities. “PACCOR Community” is providing common global criteria and guidance to ease the establishment and execution of beneficial projects for our communities, our employees, and our brand.