Fresh Food

Outstanding Quality for your Products

Certain foods have special needs in terms of their packaging. Therefore, we develop packaging solutions tailored to our customers' valuable product. Our global packaging experts are continuously working on crating efficient material combinations and developing new technologies. This way, we ensure the provision of the best possible solutions for our customers. The end result being sustainable, innovative, tailor-made and sustainable with an eye-catching design. With our many years of expertise and our extensive, international knowledge of the market, we fulfill our customers’ expectations and needs in the best possible way.

Sustainability and cost-effectiveness play a major role in the development of individual packaging solutions. We take special care to ensure that current environmental standards are fully met.
Whether it is shape, material, technology, or an attractive appearance – our experts know what is important when it comes to sustainable and innovative packaging.

On the following page you will find information on our Fresh Food range which includes packaging solutions for Protein, and coming up soon Fruits & Vegetables.


Protein-containing foods such as fresh meat, fish, or poultry are extremely sensitive.
With the support of a global network of packaging experts, our broad geographic reach as well as various fields of expertise, PACCOR is able to provide custom-made solutions that fit our customers’ individual purposes. 

When it comes to innovative sustainable packaging development, we accompany our customers from concept to market with a wide choice of material and technology combinations.

Please find a printable version of our Protein Booklet in our Media Library/Publications.


  • fresh meat
  • fresh fish
  • fresh poultry


  • attractive product presentation
  • large labeling area
  • great stackability
  • offers extended shelf life
  • perfect skin sealing
  • varied shapes and sizes of trays
  • available in many colors



3D printed mock-ups for visual presentations and rapid prototyping of samples offer the ability to evaluate the various options. Further product developments, such as customized designs including touch and feel elements are also possible.


For our customenrs to get a feel of the future product, we are able to simulate its potential new formats, thickness distribution, stacking, volume, and functionality in CAD as well as using 3D designs. For product samples, test inserts, or pilot tools are also available.


We are producing prototype molds for the correct standardization of materials and packaging properties. From both the perspective of barrier characteristics as well as with regard to industrial production.


Managing environmental impact is an important factor in our customers' packaging strategy, which is why we have developed a new ultralight tray range that reduces the total weight of a tray by more than 35% compared to the previous packaging.