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Application Tipps

Every area undoubtedly has its own demands, but there are also a few issues that our recruiters at PACCOR pay attention to in every application. In the following list we have put together some tips that you should always follow so that everything goes smoothly:

#1 Be prepared

In order to convince us in your job interview you should get sufficiently informed about our group and our business model beforehand. How is PACCOR structured? What companies are part of our group and what exactly does the company that you applied for do? Also try to comprehend our group’s philosophy. In order to gain the knowledge needed, a look at our company homepage and our careers site will usually do the trick. The information you can find there will often make it easier for you to understand the relevance of the job that you’re applying for as well.

#2 Understand what you are applying for

For us as recruiters the job interview is our opportunity to get to know you live in person. Therefore you should not focus on telling us again what we already know from your application. Take your chance, at this point, to convincingly elaborate on qualifications which are relevant for the position aspired and advertised and to win us over with your personality.

At the same time it’s important to find a connection to the company and the position advertised, i.e. to create a balance between the specific requirements of the position and your own competences. Find some relevant and matching passages from your CV and talk about them in more detail.

#3 Tell us things about you

Above all, we want to get to know you as a person. That will show us whether you and your personality are going to fit in with an existing team. Feel free to tell us something that we do not already know from your CV. Apart from speaking about business we would like to get to know you doing some casual small talk to find out more about your fascinating personality. That will break the ice, make you less excited and create a more relaxed atmosphere.

#4 Relax

No one is born a master and in a job interview it also takes a little practice before you feel confident and make a convincing impression. For many people it is not too easy to sell themselves well. So don’t be too modest or underestimate your qualifications. Be proud of what you have achieved so far and tell us about it. Go ahead and dare to be confident!

Being invited to an interview is a first good step in the right direction. Rather consider the job interview a nice opportunity to get to know each other. Of course we would like to find out lots of things about you but at the same time it is a good chance for you to get to know us as your employer and your new colleagues. This way you can find out whether we match with you as well.

#5 Be yourself

It’s no use trying to disguise yourself or be somebody else. Stay authentic and honest because we would like to get to know you and your personality. You don’t need to be shy or have self-doubts, that only blocks you and is not helpful at all. Become aware of the fact that you have already successfully taken the first step: we liked your application very much, so now we would like to get to know you a little closer.

#6 Be on point

Give tangible answers to the recruiters‘ questions, do not beat around the bush for too long. Better take a little time before you answer and calmly consider your reply. Extract the question’s core and intention and formulate your matching answer. But don’t worry, you don’t have to answer all questions perfectly.

Advice: Showing a little good humor is never a bad idea when you are momentarily stuck. The rule is as above: Be yourself. Do not try to answer what we might like to hear but in your replies always create a connection to yourself, your career, the job in question or the company.

#7 Ask questions

Finally it is recommendable to prepare questions. While talking to us, take your chance to gain deeper insight into the company, the work atmosphere, your team or everyday work life. Therefore on the one hand you show us that you are prepared. On the other hand you know what you are in for and what decision you are about to make. To find interesting questions, you can have a look during your preparations on our website.