Convenience Food

Fulfilling the needs of our customers

To develop the best and most effective packaging solutions for our customers, we are constantly breaking new ground. Whether combining new materials or developing innovative technologies, the well-being of our customers, partners, and the environment is our first priority. Therefore, we develop packaging solutions that are economically efficient and at the same time protect our future resources.

Sustainability plays an important role in the development of our packaging solutions. Thinking and acting sustainably drives innovation and growth, and is an essential part of our value proposition - not only to protect our partners and their goods, but also future generations.

Below you will find more detailed information about our Convenience Food range.


Reinventing the coffee capsule – this was our goal when we first started developing our sustainable, high-barrier, PP single-serve coffee pods. Four years of research led to a unique material structure that is compostable and therefore not only protects the flavor of freshly roasted coffee beans, but also our planet.

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One great advantage of coffee stored in capsules is that it enables us to seal and lock the whole flavor of freshly roasted beans in just one pod, while making sure none of the aroma gets lost. It is in fact one of the best ways of preserving coffee and its incomparable taste.

Please find a printable version of our Coffee Booklet in our Media Library/Publications.

Dry Food

Our DuoSmart® system stands for sustainable and modern packaging solutions. What makes it special is the combination of the advantages of plastic and paper as well as thier functionality and design. We have developed a product that, thanks to its plastic content, offers the perfect protection for our customers' valuable food and goods.
Therefore, guaranteeing the foods nutritional value, aroma, color, taste, and the shelf life.

We ensure that the DuoSmart® packaging solutions are suitable for different foods and their specific characteristics and needs. This includes, for example, the possibility of hot filling and suitability for microwave use. In addition, the paper sleeve offers a wide range of high-quality visual and creative design options.
It provides an all-over design and can be printed using a variety of techniques.


  • offer a high standard in food safety and product presentation
  • perfect choice to protect the nutritional value, color, aroma and taste of food products
  • various material options for inlet cup and paper segment
  • hot filling and microwaving options
  • zipper for easy separation of paper and plastic

The effectiveness of DuoSmart®

Recycled Paper

The cardboard is derived from renewable resources, can be easily removed by consumers when sorting recyclable materials, and is offered with a wide choice of virgin or recycled cardboard with PEFC or FSC certification.

Eco Design

DuoSmart® packaging is around 60% lighter than conventional injection-molded packs.

Sustainable Future

PACCOR continuously develops and strengthens its products, which is why we created an improved version of DuoSmart® with a new zipper position and based purely on paper, without the use of glue. This allows for a more suitable and easier product recyclability, specifically in the process of separation of the cardboard layer and the cup. The zipper’s new position makes it easier for the customer to tear it off, without causing additional tears or cuts, and makes sure the product follows sustainable conditions as well as regulations.


DuoSmart® packaging can include the Digimarc digital watermark printed on the outer paper layer and engraved on the inner plastic cup. The watermark can be scanned with any smartphone camera and provides consumers and waste management companies with relevant information about the material, anytime and anywhere.

Ready Meals

Processed foods in particular, such as soups, pasta, vegetables, meat, and rice, have special packaging needs and accordingly require a high-performance solutions. Thanks to our experts, experiences gained over years, and expansion techniques, we achieve a significant reduction in the packagings weight and density, making it resistant to acids, fats, oils, and hydrocarbons.

In addition, our high-barrier material provides outstanding protection against steam, gases, and aromas. On this basis, we offer our customers high-quality developed packaging to protect their diverse products optimally and sustainably. When creating a customized solution, we support our customers throughout the entire development process, from idea generation to product launch.


Model sample

Model sample

Simulation of, among other things, new formats, thickness distribution, stacking, volume, and functionality in CAD and 3D designs.

Comprehensive approach

Comprehensive approach

Carry out a complete analysis of the polymer formulations used to produce the sheet that is most suitable for the packaging process and for food preservation throughout its lifetime.

Rapid Evaluation

Rapid Evaluation

Rapid prototyping of samples to evaluate the different options.

Packaging standardization

Packaging standardization

Production of prototype molds for the correct standardization of materials and packaging properties, both from the perspective of barrier characteristics and with regard to industrial production.

Complete analysis

Complete analysis

Carrying out complete tests and analysis of all the properties of the packaging in our R&D laboratory, including its structural properties such as compression, stacking, transport, and its functions.

Sustainable solutions

Sustainable solutions

Managing environmental impact is an important factor in our customers' packaging strategy. Our materials offer a greatly reduced carbon footprint compared to metal cans or glass jars.