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PACCOR'S Recruitment Process

Are you interested in applying for a job at PACCOR? Below, you can see our general recruitment process in six steps. Please keep in mind that a recruitment process

might vary depending on the region and the type of job you are applying for, therefore, the information on this page is to be taken as a guideline.

Step 1: Application

Step 1: Application

For the first step you will complete your comprehensive online application through our PACCOR job portal. You will need your resume - prefered as a PDF file. Please make use of the opportunity to upload other relevant documents (e.g. certificates, an overview of your grades, etc.) . This way we'll have all relevant documents in one place, to help us make our decision. In case you have a LinkedIn or Indeed profile, you can comfortably import your data with just one click. A letter of motivation can also be attached optionally. 

Step 2: Screening

Step 2: Screening

Once we have received your application, our HR colleagues will be the first to go through your submitted documents. If they find that your profile is a good match, your application will be passed on to the hiring manager. The screening criteria will depend on the specific job, and it will align with the criteria listed in the job advertisement. All the applications will be evaluated before selecting the candidates who are progressing to a first-round interview. The HR team is ensuring confidentiality, and all received applications are handled with respect and in strict confidence. 

Step 3: Video Interview

Step 3: Video Interview

After a first screening, we would like to get to know you during a phone or video interview. We will talk about your career history and your goals. You will also get more information about PACCOR and the position that has to be filled. The video interview will be live and is conducted using Microsoft Teams. Most interviews last around 45-60 minutes, but there are no strict time limits.

Step 4: On-Site Interview

Step 4: On-Site Interview

At this interview we will continue the in-depth discussions about the job and your individual and professional qualifications. You can ask more questions you may have about the position, your future team and career opportunities. Typically, the hiring manager, as well as the recruiter that you met during the first interview, will participate in the interview. Sometimes we will also invite a team member to join the meeting to give you the best possible insight into the specific work area. Depending on the position there might be an additional interview to get to know more people at PACCOR.

Step 5: Job Offer

Step 5: Job Offer

If you impress us and we think you are a match for one of our open positions, you will receive a job offer. You will be contacted by either the manager or the recruiter who will present the job offer as well as the employment terms and conditions to you. Most often we will have touched upon the terms earlier in the process so you are aware, and we can hopefully finalize the details within short. Hereafter the contract will be sent to you as soon as possible. In turn, if you agree with our values and are looking for a great career opportunity, we hope you'll accept the offer.

Step 6: Onboarding

Step 6: Onboarding

As soon as your contract is signed, your integration into our team begins. Your onboarding consists of a wide range of activities and is customized to you depending on your position or function. We make sure you get all the information you need to do a great job when you start at PACCOR. In addition, you will meet a lot of exciting people with different competencies that will make your start at PACCOR easier.

You have questions? We have answers.

Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding your career and the application process at PACCOR.


Because we are a game changer in rigid packaging! We are a diverse group of over 3,300 employees who live and work in many different countries and cultures throughout Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. PACCOR employs people from over 37 different nationalities and our Global Management team consists of 50% female members comprised of six different nationalities. It is extremely important to us that all employees have equal rights and the same possibilities and opportunities. Self-motivation and the willingness to learn and develop are the keys to taking the next step.


Where can I find vacancies at PACCOR?

You will find all vacancies updated daily in our job market. Check out our challenging career opportunities and apply directly online.


The job offer is written in English – should I write my application in English as well?

Yes, please. As PACCOR is an international company you will be working with colleagues from all over the world and English is our official company language. Generally, the ‘rule’ is: please write the application in the same language as the job ad.


Can I still apply at the moment?

We are still looking for talented new employees and welcome applications for our open positions. Naturally, we are adapting our processes and relocating as much as possible online. Interviews will mainly be done virtually and phone or video calls will replace physical meetings whenever possible. 


Will my interview still take place?

Since the health of all applicants and employees is our top priority, we offer interviews by video or phone. You will receive all important information from us during the application process.


Where can I get updates on the current situation?

The latest information can always be found on our social media career channels  LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Follow us to be up to date.


Can I also submit aN INITIATIVE application?

Yes, an initiative application is also possible. However, please note that we always publish all vacancies in our online job market.


Can I set up a job subscription?

Yes, you can also use our job subscription to receive regular and convenient e-mail updates about interesting job offers.


How do I apply when I have found an interesting job offer?

The easiest way to submit your application is online via our career page. There you have the possibility to enter and upload your personal data and documents directly via our application form. Of course, you can also apply by e-mail at career@paccor.com or send us your documents by mail. We will then digitize them.


What should I look out for as an applicant?

In the first step, it is particularly important for us to receive the essential information such as contact details, resume, and relevant diplomas and references.


What happens after I submit my application?

If you apply online, you will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt from us. Your application will then be reviewed as quickly as possible by the recruiter responsible for the region or position in question. If your profile fits the vacant position, we will invite you to a video or on-site interview. In addition to getting to know each other, the main purpose of the interview is to compare mutual expectations and your professional and personal qualifications. If the interview goes well, there is usually a more in-depth second interview with the managers responsible for the position. There, all open questions will be clarified, so that we can make a decision in a timely manner.


Can I change my data or add documents at a later date?

Yes, you can update your personal data or upload additional documents at any time, if you decided to create an applicant login during your application submission.


How long will my application be stored?

Unless there are legal obligations to the contrary or you expressly and separately agree to your data being stored beyond this period, we will delete your personal data six months after completion of the associated selection procedures. You can also find more details on this in the privacy policy.