(Y)our Mission: Responsible

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Meet your future collegue

Who are you and what do you do in your job?

My name is Marko and I work as a machine operator in our dairy cup line. My role is to ensure that the production process is working smoothly all the way from the little granule to the high-quality dairy cup.

What's the biggest challenge related to your job?

Our production lines are highly automated but there is still a lot of monitoring, fine-tuning and know-how needed. High quality and production efficiency are the key drivers in our work. To be able to meet the goals that are set and the high requirements on the quality that our customers expect, you have to be motivated and act responsibly. And that is something that keeps me going. I think that the most important skill in my work is attitude. 

What unforgettable experience have you had during your career at PACCOR?

I have worked for over 24 years in this company and still, I feel that I can learn new things all the time. I like new challenges and that has brought me also the most unforgettable experience while I spent two weeks in Germany testing and modifying a new production line before it was shipped to Finland. 

What support do you receive from your colleagues?

Our work is mainly done in shifts. That also requires attitude and self-discipline. As a father of three daughters, I know how it is when you try to do your best at work with too little sleep. Fortunately, we have a great team of people working here. My colleagues together in combination with my passion for sports keeps me smiling every day.  


Marko Nieminen, Machine Operator