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Although we have a large product portfolio with many sizes and different shapes for a wide variety of contents, some of our customers‘ products require individual packaging, tailored to their specific characteristics. Whether it‘s a unique shape, material, design or a more sustainable packaging – we find a solution for every wish and need of our customers.

A dedicated packaging expert team of designers, engineers, testing specialists and marketers advises our customers in an open and honest process about various solutions and benefits in order to protect valuable goods in the best possible way. From standardised to customised – our goal is to find the best solution for each of our customers.

Sustainable Solutions

Consulting along the entire value chain

With our broad geographic reach and fields of expertise, we do more than meet your needs – we anticipate them and provide you with value-added solutions. This might include high-quality embossing, easy opening functions or advanced package re-closure systems. Our extensive designs meet all globalisation demands of the industry. We deliver a comprehensive range of both, standardised and customised packaging. 

It is our aspiration to holistically advise and accompany our customers along their value chains. We invite them to conversations, listen to them carefully and recognise their needs. Mutual trust and understanding is the primary goal. If our standardised product range does not meet our customer‘s purposes, we are happy to develop a customised solution that fits all the requirements.

Being ready for an innovative future

In our Centre for Development & Innovation (CDI) we continuously search for new materials, improve upon current materials, develop new technologies and bring innovative product packaging solutions to life.  When it comes to innovative sustainable packaging development, we are a strong partner. We accompany our customers from concept to market with a wide choice of material and technology combinations. 

Furthermore, we guarantee speed to market and confidentiality, resulting in value-added in-house services for our customers. In our CDI we provide unique one-stop services for food and non-food manufacturers around the globe – from idea generation to packaging supply. Our customised product design, rapid prototyping, flexible tool manufacturing and confidential in-house development is what our clients appreciate.


1. Idea generation

1. Idea generation

  • Deliberation
  • Trend research & analysis
  • Costumer briefing
  • Face-to-face meeting
  • Definition of project scope, requirements and commercials
2. Design visualization

2. Design visualization

  • Product sketches
  • Concept presentations
  • 3D product designs
  • Packaging animations
  • Virtual shop visualisation
3. Technical design

3. Technical design

  • Production-ready 2D drawings
  • For products and tools
  • Exact dimensions
  • Directly linked with a 3D model
  • For an accelerated design processing
4. Rapid prototyping

4. Rapid prototyping

  • 3D printed mock-ups for visual presentations
  • Coloured or white
  • Branded or non-branded
  • Customized designs possible
  • Including touch and feel elements 
5. Tooling & sampling

5. Tooling & sampling

  • CAD drawings translated into CNC programs
  • Test insert or pilot tools for product samples
  • Feasibility & quality tests (top load, stack, compression, etc)
  • Customer approval
  • Serial inserts for production
6. Packaging supply

6. Packaging supply

  • Industrialisation
  • Validation
  • Auditing
  • Launch
  • Customer Service

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