Food Service

Providing holistic packaging solutions

With our many years of expertise and experience in the food service segment, we understand its need for versatility to cover a wide range of occasions. Our business partners include vending operators, coffee suppliers, fast food restaurants, caterers, breweries, ready meal, snack, and fresh produce companies who rely on our high-quality and versatile packaging solutions.


Whether our customers are looking for a higher quality food experience or simply a quick meal to go, we provide comprehensive, standardized packaging solutions like drinking cups, mugs, trays, plates, bowls, lidded trays, and more. All our products fully comply with food safety requirements. PACCOR is particularly strong in innovation and product development with high quality and functionality. For you, as a food service operator, we will find a suitable packaging solution.

Please find a printable version of our Food Service Booklet in our Media Library/Publications.

Cups & Lids

Perfect for

  • Drinking Yogurts
  • Freshcuts
  • Frozen coffee & tea
  • Fruit salads
  • Smoothies
  • Soft drinks

Features and Benefits

  • high clarity offers a great presentation
  • domed and flat lids for every application
  • impact-resistant cups and lids reduce the chances of damage and/or spillages
  • tumblers made of PET/rPET
  • high-quality printing is an option, to emphasize brand identification even further

PET Cup - Classic

PET Cup - Tulip

PET Cup - Straight

Flat Lids for PET Cups

Domed Lids for PET Cups

Bowls, Pots, Containers & Lids

Perfect for

  • Confectionery
  • Deli
  • Desserts
  • Ice cream
  • Salads
  • Prepared fruit
  • Yogurts

Features and Benefits

  • compact and simple shapes generate great stackability and maximize the shelf space
  • modern and minimalistic designs guarantee excellent merchandising value
  • multi-capacity shapes enable every customer to make a perfectly-optimized choice
  • user-friendly – with a simple opening and closing processes
  • tightly closing lids guarantee the security of the food and always keep it fresh
  • fantastic clarity maximizes the presentation, with a strong emphasis on product visibility
  • rPET and PP materials are environmentally friendly

SQ Salad Containers

Wave - hinged lids containers

Wave Containers

Vision Containers

Lids for Vision Containers

SH - hinged-lid bowls

DeliGreen™ Bowls

Tri -Pots

Deli Pots

Deli Circle Range

Hyacinth Buckets

Deli Trays & Lids

Perfect for

  • Snacks
  • Sushi

Features and Benefits

  • Asian styling enhances the authenticity and presentation of the product
  • black bases create a premium image
  • easy label application on a large labeling area
  • tight closures guarantee safety and freshness
  • user-friendly thanks to simple opening and closing features
  • anti-fog lids

Deli Trays & Lids

Deli Trays & Lids

Deli Trays & Lids

PP Containers

Perfect for

  • Ready meals
  • Salads
  • Snacks
  • Take-away food

Features and Benefits

  • exciting and modern designs for both bases and lids
  • compact and simple shapes generate great stackability and maximize the shelf space
  • user-friendly - with a simple opening and closing processes
  • perfect product presentations
  • exceptional clarity from the PP lids with an anti-fog feature

ReadyFresh™ 2-compartment range

Octoboxes hinged-lid

Octoboxes hinged-lid

ReadyFresh™ – Chicken Roaster ComboPack

ReadyFresh™ – 2-compartment range

Drinking & Vending Cups

Perfect for

  • Drinking yogurts
  • Frozen coffee & tea
  • Smoothies
  • Soft drinks

Features and Benefits

  • comprehensive range for daily businesses that require food safety and contact-approved products
  • numerous decoration options – including embossing or customized printing

Drinking cup

Drinking tulip cup


Vending Cup 15 CL

Vending Cup 16 CL

Vending Cup 18 CL

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