Teaming up for protection

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PACCOR, the leading global player in the packaging industry, is to invest more than 40 million euros in 2021. The demand for sustainable packaging has also increased in times of COVID-19 and PACCOR is responding to this demand. Investments are to be allocated to capacity increases, automation, logistics, and new technology. The raising of the manufacturing capacity at PACCOR’s production site in Ravensburg, as one part of the investment program, will now be finalized.

Requirements for efficient and sustainable food packaging are very high, and PACCOR is the perfect partner to fulfill such market demands with its dedicated production facilities throughout Europe.

PACCOR is now adding new injection molding capacities at its Ravensburg site in Germany. Most modern technology is being installed to produce in-mold labeled polypropylene (PP) cups and bi-colored lids. The injection molding process offers very precise dimensional product accuracy, achieving the tightest tolerance levels. A perfect fit of individual components can be guaranteed as well as achieving high efficiency on customer filling lines.

“Our customers have invested in this growing segment and, of course, so have we. We are responding to the demand with additional injection molding and automation equipment, and are now able to process the newest materials. By applying specific advantages of the injection molding technology, we can fulfill market requirements,” outlines Andreas Schuette, CEO of PACCOR. “Mono-material and recyclability further contribute to fulfilling our sustainability goals and support our move from a linear to a circular economy,” adds Mr. Schuette.

"PACCOR’s production site in Ravensburg has a lot of experience with injection molding. With its test facilities and its 24/7 production organization, we can react to fluctuations in demand at any time," concludes Michael Schorn, Managing Director of PACCOR Deutschland GmbH.


Sonja Teurezbacher
Vice President Group Communications & Marketing