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Driven to find solutions to the modern challenges, stakeholders demand more and more insight and transparency regarding the societal impact of companies and their products. While previously the shared value estimate was mainly driven by the financial performance, it now has become clear that the larger societal issues are transforming the competitive landscape. As a result, leading businesses change the way they think and communicate about their products, processes, and business models. At PACCOR, we strive to incorporate economic, environmental, and social impact assessment in our decision making and into our business success valuation.

To get better insights into the benefits of implementing the Digimarc technology on PACCOR’s packaging solutions as enabler to create closed plastic loops and reduce marine littering, we launched a study, in which we focused on valuating relevant societal aspects of the Digimarc digital watermarking implementation across the whole value chain, based on the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social.

The societal aspects can also be expressed in monetary values and translated into societal costs (externalities) or benefits, according to a 3-dimensional benefit framework (3D). Each of the pillars of the 3D framework is assessed with a separate methodology and is based on robust, and widely accepted methodologies, developed by universities, the WBCSD Natural & Social Capital Protocols and other experts in the field. 

The study focuses on the comparison between black polypropylene (PP) food trays with implemented Digimarc technology (resulting in improved food grade mechanical recycling end of life management) and without Digimarc technology (considering existing end of life management in Germany) introduced to the German market by PACCOR. 

The same methodology can be applied to other kinds of plastic packaging, volumes, or countries.

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Sonja Teurezbacher
Vice President Group Communications & Marketing