Caps & Top Closures

The caps and closures designed by PACCOR® are especially suited to the beverage and food industry, as well as home and personal care products. Caps are available in a variety of formats including tamper evident, induction heat seals, single-piece bore seals and EPE lined.

Standard caps include: 38mm tamper evident in both 2 and 3 start thread options, 38mm induction heat seals (dairy format), 30mm and 38mm carton top closures, and the rest of the range includes diameters such as 33mm, 42mm, 45mm and 48mm.

PACCOR® offers some of the lightest caps on the market, all of which are manufactured using low-energy compression technology. Our 38mm cap weighs in at only 1.2g!
Our state-of-the-art compression technology enables us to manufacture induction heat seals, EPE liners, and caps, with high efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, and speed-to-market.

Thanks to a reduction of up to 40% of materials, and reduction of our carbon footprint by up to 50%, we offer one of the most sustainable packaging solutions on the market.

Our in-house designs allow market leading project timescales, as well as innovative approaches to the design and manufacture of closures.