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Single–use beverage cups with EU marking are now fully presented in our Food Service booklet

We are pleased to announce that our Food Service booklet has been updated and now includes our beverage cups with the European Union required marking.

We offer breweries, fast food restaurants as well as vending machine operators a complete range of drinking cups from 0.2 l to 0.5 l, with 75 and 95 mm diameter.

The logo is applied by embossing and the information text of the marking is written in the official language in which the single-use plastic product is placed on the market. 
Embossing is a sustainable solution as it enables EU marking without using ink and does not require any additional step in the production process.
For rPET cups, we have achieved a marking quality and legibility that is unique in the market.

Check out the updated Food Service booklet here.



Sonja Teurezbacher
Vice President Group Communications & Marketing