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PACCOR Launches Interactive Digital Fair Booth

Join us for a whole new experience! PACCOR, a leading global player in the packaging industry, presents itself completely virtual for the first time. You can explore the world of PACCOR on an interactive tour by following updates on our brand, new products, and sustainability strategy.

Meeting customers in person and visiting trade fairs is essential to present sustainable packaging solutions. Since travel is prohibited, PACCOR has decided to come to you with a special concept: A virtual tour through a digitally built PACCOR world gives every visitor an informative insight into the company, the product innovations, and the sustainability strategy. You can choose what interests you most and thus determine your own path.

Nicolas Lorenz, CCO of PACCOR: “With this interactive tour, we are braving the pandemic and enabling our customers and all interested stakeholders to visit our booth - even if only digitally. The digital world was implemented with the latest technical means. The experience is stunningly real and unique. See for yourself!”

Enter the interactive world of PACCOR and check out its making-of on social media!



Sonja Teurezbacher
Vice President Group Communications & Marketing