Teaming up for protection

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For PACCOR, a global player in the packaging industry, the focus is on the customer and the products. Therefore, the company has not only invested into its own growth but also into the development of its sales organization. The last months have been used for new hires and internal promotions.

PACCOR had a great but challenging year 2020. Nevertheless, the company is experiencing dynamic growth and therefore is adapting its sales organization accordingly. This division, which has been successfully run for years by Nicolas Lorenz, the CCO of PACCOR, is now supported by newly hired or promoted directors and managers. 

PACCOR expanded its commercial management team with Przemysław Jan Ksiezarek who was appointed as the new Head of Regional Sales North-Eastern Europe, located in Poland. He took over the commercial responsibilities from Zbigniew Woznica who will now focus entirely on operations, using his extensive experience and excellent knowledge to drive the huge and important transformation.

Tamás Bukolyi was newly recruited and appointed as the new Head of Regional Sales South-Eastern Europe, located in Hungary. He took over the sales responsibilities from Balazs Szabo. Balazs will start his well-deserved retirement in mid-2022 and may now gradually transfer this important part of the business into excellent hands.

We are very happy to announce that Estelle Théron was appointed as the new Head of Regional Sales South-Western Europe. Estelle joined PACCOR on May 17 and will develop sales with her team in Southern Europe, predominantly in France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. She will replace Olivier Laigre who will be appointed as Group Director Business Development & Strategy. 

Steffen Meyer-Feldmann joined PACCOR in August 2020 as Group Director Key Account Management (KAM), located in Germany, and Jamie Clark decided to return to the company in the position of Key Account Director for the Dairy segment, located in the UK. 

“Whether managers or employees, our entire sales team with their commitment and loyal work are the driving force behind PACCOR every day. I look forward to being even more successful with my team in 2021," explains Nicolas Lorenz, Chief Commercial Officer at PACCOR. “In addition to these successful new hires, we are still looking for motivated and high performing sales representatives. Just let us know if you are interested in playing a vital role in the leading company driving a successful transition to a circular economy,” Nicolas Lorenz adds.


Sonja Teurezbacher
Vice President Group Communications & Marketing