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With more than 3,000 dedicated employees in 15 countries, 16 manufacturing locations, six sales offices, two centers for development and innovation, and with the headquarters located in Dusseldorf, Germany, PACCOR is the leading international player in the packaging industry.  We have a great responsibility towards the environment which is our main motivation behind all our activities, decisions, and actions. Hence our vision for the future is to achieve a successful transition to a circular economy, we achieve that by employing constant reuse, repair,

remanufacturing, and recycling in order to create a closed-circle system. Additionally, our overall goals include the creation of long-lasting and innovative packaging solutions with the main target of ensuring human well-being, protecting future generations, safeguarding the valuable products in the food and non-food markets, and our planet. PACCOR believes that this is the best way to achieve real change in the industry and to create shared value for our society.


As the leading global player in the packaging industry, PACCOR is committed to establishing a suitable future and developing valuable solutions that we can be proud of. Therefore, our main goal and vision is to achieve a successful transition to a circular economy with a safe, committed, diverse, and capable workforce. 

To accomplish our objective, we have implemented multiple adjustments. For instance, as of 2019, all our factories have circular cooling water loop systems, bringing our impact on water bodies to a minimum. As well as, having implemented the “Circular Events” project, which creates sustainability awareness and gives event organisers the opportunity to turn single-use plastic products into valuable resources for future products.

At PACCOR, we know that the implementation of a circular economy is the right step on behalf of future generations. By implementing this change, we will be able to maximise the implementation of practical solutions for circular packaging. As such, PACCOR will create amazing new business opportunities in the EU and beyond.


PACCOR was shaped by a long tradition and a lot of experience. Today, we are the leading international player in the  packaging industry, a provider of high expertise, and an essential implementor of advantageous plastic packaging offers. The foundation for our overwhelming success lays in our long journey of mergers and acquisitions.

In order to further develop our know-how and technologies, we acquired not only formerly state-owned companies in Eastern Europe, but also many companies from all over Europe and the USA. These mergers and acquisitions allowed the companies advancement by building the utmost comprehensive knowledge about the know-hows and technologies involved in the packaging industry. It allowed us to achieve great results in the creation of effective and sustainable product solutions, providing remarkable value for our customers and our society.

This is the basis for our success today: we can look back on a long history which is characterised by the merger of various individual works and experts, but as a group we are still relatively young. PACCOR combines the best of two worlds: tradition and innovation.

Our history begins with Huhtamaki, a global food packaging specialist which at the time owned Polarcup and later on, in 1999, added 4P Rube to its portfolio. In 2010, the Finnish Huhtamaki OYJ sold its Huhtamaki Consumer Goods division to a global investment firm. In 2011, the investor, at this time owned the French Veriplast Group and Pannunion, merged all companies to form the PACCOR Group. Two years later, in 2013, the investor decided to merge all of its packaging companies into PACCOR and becoming part of Coveris being called Coveris Rigid.

In the same year, Coveris further expanded its portfolio by acquiring two companies: Kobusch and Closures. One year later, in 2014 KubeTech was also integrated. In 2018, Coveris Rigid was purchased by Lindsay Goldberg Vogel, a private equity firm, and renamed again into PACCOR, as well as given a brand-new logo. In 2019, EDV Barrier Applications joined our team.


Our expertise and competencies allowed us to achieve milestones such as offering circular solutions, where 65% of our packaging range is already recycled in practice and at scale, our target being of producing 100% by 2023. Thanks to our expertise in eco-design, we developed a stealth closure which is 41% lighter than its original design, without compromising product performance. The same design principles and technology are now applied to injection moulded cream-pots. Our specially designed and selected material make our plant-based coffee capsules which fully home compostable, recyclable, and can be offered to coffee drinkers.

PACCOR is committed to achieving its goal of a successful transition to a circular economy and has already managed to gain an extensive lead within the industry. Completed through actions such as measuring our carbon footprint by 


using a full cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment, our target being of 15% more efficient resource use by 2025. PACCOR has committed to run all its production and non-production sites on 100% renewable electricity by 2023 and to make its surplus energy available to communities around our sites. As of 2019, all our factories have circular cooling water loop systems, bringing our impact on water bodies to a minimum.

We foster long-lasting and honest partnerships with the overall goal of protecting valuable products, future resources, and the economic efficiency of our customers. This is why we are dedicated to protecting valuable products by continuing to providing sustainable solutions that enhance the safety, quality, and convenience of our customers‘ goods.


  • We are not defined by material nor technology, we serve a purpose.
  • Our purpose is to protect valuable products.
  • We protect food, and by that we protect health.
  • We will never compromise in the quality of our solutions. They always secure highest hygienic standards of our customers’ products.
  • We also protect selected consumer goods which require sustainable packaging solutions.
  • We are committed to protect our planet. We insist on the lowest possible ecological impact. As such, recycling of packaging materials is our highest priority.
  • We are leading the transition towards a circular economy in our industry.
  • We acknowledge that multiple materials have different advantages.
  • We evaluate our packaging solutions by a holistic life cycle analysis.
  • We are determined to partner with our customers in tailor-made packaging solutions.