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Our Procurement team at PACCOR plays a vital role in our manufacturing and strategic decision making. The procurement team works closely with our departments across the business, sourcing high quality materials and finished components with demanding specifications. It requires speed and efficiency to meet project milestones.

The Procurement team are the people who set the standards for quality, efficiency, speed and teamwork. They turn our biggest ideas into brilliant products that reach millions. They’re a driving force within the business. No mater how fast our markets move, they move faster. 


"Working in Procurement at PACCOR is a pleasure despite the challenging market development. Thanks to the excellent functional team network, composed of the purchasing responsibles of the Group and of each site, each individual can find support and work in a friendly environment. It is a real cooperation within ONE PROCUREMENT team, as we call it, the team which fights for the same goals and creates a great value to PACCOR. Also each individual has an opportunity to grow their career -  we have several great examples of internal promotions."

Marketa Voglova, Vice President Group Procurement

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Looking to work for one of the world's largest companies in rigid packaging, but not ready to apply yet? In case there is no suitable position offered in our job market at the moment or you are interested in learning more about PACCOR, you are welcome to join our communities and be part of the PACCOR talent pool. In this community we inform you regularly about any job related news at PACCOR or contact you even directly, if we see that one of our next opportunities could be a good match.

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You have questions? We have answers. Here you can find our general recruitment process in six steps and the answers to frequently asked questions regarding your career and the application process at PACCOR.

7 Application Tips for you

Every area undoubtedly has its own demands, but there are also a few issues that our recruiters at PACCOR pay attention to in every application. We have put together some tips that you should always follow so that everything goes smoothly.