Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future.

At PACCOR®, balancing the functional and economic needs of customers with the demands placed on natural resources is an essential part of doing business. We are committed to delivering innovative packaging and coating solutions, while keeping in mind the environmental responsibilities of our company and our customers. Through continued collaboration with our stakeholders – including customers, industry partners and suppliers – we continually strive to enhance our sustainability by:

Minimising the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes.

Identifying opportunities to use more efficient raw materials in our products, including the use of recycled materials to prolong the functionality of those materials.

Providing our customers with innovative solutions that meet their performance requirements while helping them to meet or exceed their sustainability goals.

Introducing new processes which are designed to eliminate waste from our manufacturing process, our customer’s applications and ultimately our consumer’s usage.

Encouraging post-use recycling for PACCOR® products.

Supporting local initiatives across our international coating and packaging facilities.

Providing training opportunities for PACCOR® employees to enhance our sustainability efforts.

Regularly monitoring our performance and exploring opportunities to improve our environmental footprint.

PACCOR® is fully committed to complying with all applicable local, national and international standards, and to regulating our operations wherever we do business, including in the area of our environmental performance.