Thermoformed Trays

Thermoformed Trays and Punnets

PACCOR® trays provide modern and efficient packaging for both fresh and processed foods. Our combinations of raw material and technology ensures optimal rigidity, durability and impact resistance, while offering perfect exposure of your product on store shelves. The trays are available in a universal range of sizes and lower costs thanks to the synergy of the logistics.

Our range of PP and PET trays meet the highest standards in the fresh food industry for functionality, safety and performance, throughout the entire supply chain. All trays are suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging on standard lines, to ensure a longer shelf life for delicate and fresh products. A wide choice of formats and materials will suit the various needs of consumers and producers, delivering a sustainable solution that reduces food waste.
Our Deli and Sushi PET trays are part of a stunning range that gives these products a unique, authentic presence on the shelf.

PET Fresh Cake and Pastry trays present traditional bakery products in an attractive presentation container. This functional and high-quality packaging provides protection during transportation and storage, as well as creating an appealing display of the fresh pastries and cakes.
Our new bakery and ready meal range is made from strong CPET, which is an ideal solution for a variety of home baking foods. These packages can be frozen to -40oC and heated in a conventional oven up to 220oC. Finished in black material, these packages offer an attractive appearance and a superb oven–to-table presentation.