Thermoformed Pots & Containers

Thermoformed Plastic Pots & Containers

Thermoforming is one of our core processes. By focusing on exceptional competence in certain areas, we enable efficient production runs with a consistent quality and a reliable output. Our extensive capacity for high speed thermoforming offers our customers a broad range of standardised and customised cups, pots and containers to meet their diverse needs.

We offer this packaging with a comprehensive range of decoration technologies, which ensures product differentiation as well as instant consumer appeal.

Dry offset printing is our most efficient graphical technique. With our in-house repro studio and production using 3D laser printing plates we also ensure good value for money.
Shrink sleeving guarantees high quality printing that will decorate even the most sophisticated shapes from top to bottom with a high gloss or a matte finish.
Thermoformed and in-mould labelling delivers high standards of food safety labelling and product presentation. Our revolutionary TIML technology is the first to offer decorated, high barrier and retortable plastic packaging solutions for products with a longer shelf life.