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PAC-Guard Visor

PAC-Guard Protective Visor  provides full-face protection and are 100% recyclable.

The most important features and benefits of PACCOR’s face shields:

  • full face PET shield offers protection against splashes and airborne droplets
  • anti-fog prevents visor from streaming up in use, providing unrestricted visibility
  • foam headband provides a secure, comfortable fit and allows space for eyewear and facemasks.

PAC-Guard Protective Visor are available in 2 sizes and ideal for factories, workshops, automotive industry, food processing, retail, etc.
The Face shields are produced in three PACCOR’s factories, including Chester Le Street (UK), Soustons (France) and Skierniewice (Poland).

PACCOR PAC-Guard Protective Visor (ENG)

PACCOR PAC-Guard Protective Visor (DE)

PACCOR PAC-Guard Przyłbica Ochronna (PL)

PACCOR PAC-Guard Visière de Protection (FR)

PACCOR PAC-Guard Arcvédő Pajzs (HU)

PACCOR PAC-Guard Suojavisiiri (FIN)

PACCOR PAC-Guard Visor Protector (ESP)

PACCOR PAC-Guard Viseira Protetora (POR)

PACCOR PAC-Guard Visiera Protettiva (IT)

PACCOR PAC-Guard Koruyucu Siper (TUR)