Industrial Food

Understanding the needs of tomorrow

Sometimes things have to go fast. We know that for consumers, ready meals are about saving time and ease of use. We fulfill their wishes and needs, whether at home, at work, or when traveling. When we think about industrial food, we think of fresh, long-lasting food delivered to us by first-class suppliers. To maintain the quality and taste of our customers' precious products, we guarantee a fast, clean packaging process by providing our clients with the best solutions. As the world's leading produce packaging manufacturer, PACCOR is strategically positioned to serve the needs of the fresh produce industry, from field to fork.

Whether it's packaging solutions for ready meals or snacks, for coffee pleasure, or for our smallest customers (baby food), the passion for the highest quality and efficiency drives us and gives our clients peace of mind. This starts with solutions for pre-harvest cultivation, continues with special extrusions, and ends with our award-winning printing across multiple formats. We deliver powerful solutions with rigid packaging that adds real value to the product by increasing protection, nutritional value, and shelf appeal.

We will soon welcome here the future of innovative packaging solutions – so that your product ends up first in the shopping carts.