Blow Molded Packaging

Blow Molded Bottles, Cans and Canisters

PACCOR® combines advanced blow-moulding technology with an expert team to design and supply customised packaging solutions, including plastic bottles, cans, and canisters. With use of the latest technology, we provide such advantages as low tooling costs, fast and efficient manufacturing, and the freedom to design complex parts.

At present, we offer three types of blow-moulding processes: extrusion blow-moulding of HDPE and PP, injection blow-moulding of HDPE and PET or PLA, and stretch blow-moulding of PET. 6-layer CoEx extrusion blow-moulding is available, and our high-barrier packaging with an EVOH layer protects fresh drinks and food products without addition of preservatives.

With our collaborative development process and a focus on product protection, consumer convenience and an excellent shelf presence, PACCOR® has become a reliable partner for both FMCG and Industrial customers.