Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Coveris, in cooperation with Synerlink, an innovative manufacturer of packaging lines for spoonable and spreadable dairy products, as well as fruit-based desserts, co-hosted another well-received Innovation Day on 11 October 2016, at Synerlink facilities in Puiseux-Pontoise, France. The turnout was high and visitors participated in a highly anticipated demonstration of Coveris NEOCELL® PP+ sheet production on an Arcil A7 FFS machine, a Q&A session and discussion on Coveris’ latest innovations.

The main event’s focus was on Coveris’ NEOCELL® PP+ sheet. A highlight was the live demonstration of production with the use of Coveris NEOCELL® PP+ sheets on a state-of-the-art Arcil A7 FFS machine. The machine ran the sheets smoothly and showed that the NEOCELL® material is robust enough to be used on an industrial scale. The machine formed form-fill seal-packaging (FFS). Visitors (Lactalis, Nestlé, Danone, Alpro, and other major actors in the dairy industry) appreciated the ease with which the packaging from sheets can be produced directly on standard equipment, including compact PS sheet and NEOCELL® PP+ sheet.

“We are pleased to see the interest in NEOCELL® PP+ sheet production and to demonstrate the ease with which our customers can run the material in their lines”, said Olivier Laigre, Sales Director of Coveris.

Together, Coveris and Synerlink proved the capabilities of NEOCELL® PP+ sheet technology, including the feasibility of production of the sheets on a standard machine. All who attended appreciated the dedication of the two companies and the invitation to experience the production process firsthand.

As an innovative packaging company, providing demonstrations is an important part of keeping our clients informed of developments,” said Jean-Albert Larmaraud, Senior VP Business Development of Synerlink.

The NEOCELL® PP+ technology is a groundbreaking PS-free packaging solution for all kinds of Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) applications in the dairy industry. It is the latest development of the NEOCELL® concept and constitutes the first thermoformed and breakable PP sheet in the FFS industry, which is dominated by PS packaging. The PP material, a thermoplastic polymer, guarantees the same output and efficiency as PS but assures even higher mechanical and heat resistant properties, as well as better stress cracking durability (well adapted for fat dairy products). NEOCELL® PP+ is the first breakable PP sheet and won the prestigious Oscar de l’Emballage (Packaging Oscar) in November 2014.

Synerlink S.A. is an innovative packaging company that designs, manufactures and integrates complete ultra-clean packaging lines for spoonable and spreadable dairy products, as well as fruit-based desserts.