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Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Multiple initiatives, joint-ventures and projects have been undertaken by PACCOR in the last few years to ensure the sustainable manufacturing of plastic packaging. Thanks to which the manufacturer has not only changed and improved itself, but it also has influenced the whole sector to empower the changes leading to better environmental protection.

PACCOR as a socially responsible company and a signatory of the New Plastic Global Commitment agreement, the strategic partnership that includes more than 400 global organizations, companies and cities, has introduced fundamental changes and innovative solutions in the field of sustainable plastic packaging production allowing the manufacturer to more effectively protect the natural environment. The company has focused on the production of plastics in the more eco-friendly way – on recycling packaging process, switching to disposable products for reusable packaging and the production of plastic using post-consumer materials. The main goal of the above actions is to manufacture a 100% secure plastic packaging and use it in the production of 100% reused, recycled, or composted waste material by 2025.

PACCOR, with its multiple sites in Europe and US. has taken part in numerous projects. One of them is the “Clean Sweep Operation” program that has been run by PACCOR France in the Soustons, Mont-de-Marsan and Auneau factories, with the objective of “Zero Pellet Loss”. The company’s goal is to keep plastic pellets in check, e.g.: contain spills, swiftly and effectively clean up, recycle or dispose of waste properly.

Another eco-friendly project which has been undertaken by the manufacturer is the development of recycling and recovery of plastic household packaging. Two companies, Paprec and PACCOR, have combined their forces to create a recycling network for PP packaging with Citeo, which has become essential in the extension of sorting instructions trays. The ultimate objective is to validate a closed-loop processing and incorporation chain that sustains a balance between the volumes of PP packaging put on the market and the volumes collected and recycled from these same packaging.

– PACCOR’s sustainable efforts in the company’s production process resulted from its strategy of manufacturing sustainable plastics and delivering 100% recyclable products to the market. As a result, PACCOR offers highly innovative products in the ways of materials, design and function which are 100% secure for the environment and can easily and safely be reused, recycled – said David Etienne, Managing Director of Southern Europe in PACCOR. – The changes introduced not only increased PACCOR’s market performance, but also positively affected the plastics packaging industry, among others, by raising environmental protection standards – added Mr. Etienne from PACCOR.

To demonstrate PACCOR’s commitment towards CSR and its vital role in the company’s DNA and strategy, not only in the field of production but also environmental and social areas, the company has undergone an assessment by the company EcoVadis, which examines CSR standards in companies around the world. After many tests and the verification of their implementation of the highest CSR requirements in practice, EcoVadis awarded PACCOR France (Auneau site) with a silver medal. The company has been recognized as one of the top 7% enterprises in the manufacturing of plastic products industry, globally.

The newest PACCOR’s initiative in which the company joined Valorplast to create a recycling network for PET trays with Citeo, is to answer to one of the major challenges: the recycling of clear mono-layer and multilayer PET trays. The main goal is to develop an industrial and innovative solution for the recycling of clear PET trays.