Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

PACCOR for industrial food, food service including food to go UK market, has passed a major milestone of producing on a mass scale using 100% recycled PET thanks to the significant and technologically advanced investments made in recent years.

PACCOR Group, one of the top European suppliers of sustainable plastic packaging solutions, has invested over £10 million in its UK branch in order to introduce fundamental changes in production and to purchase and assembly of propriety and technology  leading processing equipment and innovative solutions for the production of eco-friendly  plastic packaging, i.e. 100% recycled plastic waste, for over the last 11 years.

The creation of PACCOR’s latest generation of production line, long term vision, unique know-how, the commitment of the British team and the company’s partners has resulted in achieving a challenging milestone of manufacturing the first quarter of a million tons out of ecologically clean materials, i.e. 100% from the rPET sheet.

Ashley JONES, UK Managing Director of PACCOR commented – I am delighted that PACCOR UK has achieved this excellent milestone of manufacturing out of fully recycled materials on a large scale. The lessons we have learned over the past decade are an important step for us to further support development in the market and to provide sustainable value for our clients and environmental benefits to the retailers and market. Now, with confidence, we continue our sustainable journey towards the development of half a million tons.

The comprehensive range of PACCOR food-to-go and foodservice includes all plastic solutions, from fruit containers to sushi trays and serving platters, all of which are made out of 100% recycled PET. It is worth mentioning that PACCOR, as a socially responsible company and a signatory of the New Plastic Global Commitment agreement, focuses on the production of plastics in the so-called green cycle – recycling packaging process, switching to disposable products for reusable packaging and the production of plastic using post-consumer materials. As a result, the company offers highly innovative products in the ways of materials, design and function which are 100% secure for the environment and can easily and safely be reused, recycled.