Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

PACCOR has just signed a cooperation agreement with Dövigen AS, making them their exclusive agent in Norway. They will represent the top European producer of plastic packaging solutions on this market and will focus on developing the manufacturer’s business with both existing customers and prospects.

PACCOR has been recently developing its’ Norwegian business operations. Therefore, the company has decided to deepen its cooperation with Døvigen AS. Both parties have just agreed to sign an agreement which enables the agent to fully and exclusively represent the manufacturer in Norway. Thanks to the partnership, PACCOR aims to achieve a much stronger presence in the Norwegian market which will have a long-lasting impact on sales by not only expanding its business to new segments, e.g. Industrial Food, but also to better explore sectors where they have already been present, and the to increase the quality of post-sales. Both companies also believe that the cooperation will ensure a better and more proactive service for Norwegian customers.

The Norwegian market shows great opportunities for PACCOR with its sustainable packaging solutions. Therefore, the manufacturer would like to achieve a stronger position on this market. In order to do that, we need to strengthen our relationships with either prospects or current customers. – said Kimmo Tuovinen, Sales Director, Scandinavia, PACCOR Finland. – After years of fruitful and trustworthy cooperation with Døvigen, we do believe that our agent and the new contract are the best guarantee for reaching our business goals on the Norwegian market. – commented Mr. Tuovinen from PACCOR.

Døvigen AS will support the manufacturer both in daily sales activities and support in customer projects, including local customer care. But, all PACCOR’s customers in Norway will remain the manufacturer’s clients and all future contracts will be signed between PACCOR and its customers based on the agent’s agreement.

Cooperation with the leading European supplier of sustainable plastic packaging solutions for the consumer, food service, food and non-food markets is our privilege and great opportunity. Decades of experience have enabled PACCOR to offer innovate and state of the art eco-friendly plastic packaging solutions which place its products at the forefront of its market and in the eye of clients. That gives us an indisputable argument in the conquest of the Norwegian market and its customers. – said Sindre Døvigen, Managing Director Døvigen AS.

Døvigen has been present in Norway for the last 70 years. Through all these years, the company has been able to achieve great business status and market position with a great understanding of the Norwegian market, customs and great business relations with local firms. This is the best guarantee for PACCOR’s further development of its business on this prospective market.

About Dövigen AS

Døvigen AS has served Norwegian companies with packaging, paper and office supplies since 1949. Today, the company has several business areas:

  • Flexible Packaging, delivers packaging solutions for the food industry
  • Paper & cardboard, supplies cardboard and graphic paper to Norwegian printing companies and to the packaging industry
  • Consumables, supplies all of paper, packaging, labels and office & computer supplies for private and public companies
  • Retail, supplies a large range of goods for resale as well as all of store packaging and store materials.