Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

PACCOR Group has developed an in-line manufacturing process for sustainable high barrier PP single-serve coffee pods. In cooperation with Lacerta Group, the first phase of production capacity already installed has provided a combined annual capacity of 2 billion-plus coffee capsules per year for the North American market.

As previously announced, PACCOR’s Development Project Team, located at the Center for Development and Innovation (CDI), focused on developing a sustainable alternative to the single serve PS coffee pod currently dominating the North American market. These development efforts have resulted in the first sustainable high barrier PP single serve coffee capsule solution to be available at substantial volumes in North America.  The team members have applied industry-leading technologies utilizing two 91-cavity in-line thermoforming systems, a proprietary substrate structure, and a new patent-pending pod design.

The manufacturing system is sustainable as it uses over 98% of the in-process regrind by taking the skeleton of the of the die-cut sheet and automatically sending it back to be processed into pods. This production method allows the company to have a “pellet to pod” approach and ensures no intermediate storage of rolls and wasted energy. These efforts and applications align with PACCOR’s sustainable manufacturing focus.

The company’s innovative manufacturing lines provide up-time security and in-process quality control ensuring a steady supply and optimal pod quality. Manufacturing happens at Lacerta Group’s SQF and ISO certified manufacturing facility.  PACCOR’s state of the art quality inspection system allows for full capsule measurements including wall thicknesses, guaranteeing 100% puncturability.

The sustainable pods are made of Polypropylene (PP) #5 with virgin material on both the interior and exterior surfaces. The EVOH layer provides High Barrier properties, and the unique process of manufacturing and inspection ensures distribution throughout the pod resulting in excellent O2 barrier properties, a key to product freshness. PACCOR’s proprietary material structure provides a sustainable density allowing for reclamation.

”We have designed cups that have some of the lowest achievable Oxygen Transmission Rates in a polypropylene cup, protecting the flavor of the coffee or other product to ensure a great end user experience and the satisfaction of our customers. The product has excellent mechanical properties allowing for 100% puncturability for overall compatibility in the brewing system. Our proprietary material’s recipe ensures exceptional welding properties for both lids and filters and our layered construction allows for laser engraving of date codes without penetrating cups’ barriers.” – commented Zdenek Rybczuk, interim CEO of PACCOR.

PACCOR has been actively involved in the development of sustainable thermoforming solutions in polypropylene for the European and North American market and has proven its expertise in comprehensive solutions for thermoforming PP in food and non-food products of various sections. The reduction of in-process waste and the use of post-consumer material is a significant focus of the company’s environmental strategy: lowering the need for virgin material, reducing the carbon footprint and putting into practice a so-called new plastic economy.

About Lacerta Group, Inc. 

Lacerta is a family-owned manufacturer of thermoformed plastic food packaging. From concept to prototyping, mold making, and production, Lacerta is a turnkey manufacturer of custom and stock packaging with production facilities in MA and CA.  We differentiate ourselves through innovation, flexibility, and speed to market.