Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Changing consumer lifestyles and a growing ageing population have significantly driven the demand for new and innovative packaging which addresses today’s needs. Coveris Rigid Finland has now introduced a comprehensive solution: ReadyFresh which allows for Home Meal Replacement (HMR) and food on-the-go services.

The new ReadyFreshTM is an exciting new microwaveable range from Coveris – perfect for hot or cold food. Black PP bases offer a premium look and the clear PP lid gives great clarity to showcase all your menu offerings. Both base and lid can be safely used in the microwave or hot cabinet, allowing convenience foods to be enjoyed at their ideal temperature. Available in different sizes, such as 24oz, 36oz, 2 compartments, a pack for a whole cooked food such as chicken and with more sizes to follow, Coveris has brought to market a highly convenient solution to help boost all food on-the-go and HMR sales.

As the lifestyle of consumers has been moving towards easily available delicious meals, the need for new HMR solutions has become more and more important. Additionally, the public catering market has been experiencing growth, especially in Finland where an ageing population is growing rapidly. In response to these needs, Coveris Rigid Finland began production of the ReadyFresh™ range in September 2015.

“The new ReadyFresh™ range is an excellent choice for the growing HMR markets in Scandinavia, but also other European countries”, says Kimmo Tuovinen, Sales Director at Coveris Rigid Finland. “Our new solution offers great user experience and is the result of an efficient and good cooperation with our colleagues from the Development & Sales teams in UK who have a similar, very successful product range for the UK market.”

Coveris also sees increasing interest for innovative on-the-go and HMR solutions from additional European markets with a similar lifestyle. “We already have good demand from Germany, Netherlands, France and Spain, and we are ready to serve customers from these countries,” explains Mr. Tuovinen.