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Monday, July 20th, 2015

Coveris Rigid UK Ltd, formerly Closures Ltd, is introducing the lightest 38mm tamper evident cap to ever be on the market and adopted by a wider number of the UK’s major retailers. Weighing 2.3 grams the cap is significantly lighter than any other presently available caps and is significantly lighter than the industry standard 3.3 grams. In doing so, Coveris has cut the industry standard margin by 1.2 grams with the launch of the new tamper evident cap.

Being the largest compressions moulder of caps and closures in Europe, Coveris Rigid, Mansfield, has utilised the added benefits of compression moulding technology to continuously reduce the weight of its existing products, whilst maintaining product performance and efficiency. The cap is at the forefront of modern industry standards: a safe and secure tamper evidence feature; draining holes on the band; a knurl pattern with excellent grip characteristics, and coupled with compression moulding technology, there are no unsightly injection points on the cap to interfere with prints or embossed graphics. We also have the capability to produce the cap with or without a bore seal meaning that both TPE and EPE liners and also I H S heat seal liners will be available.

With an initial capacity to supply billions of units, there is a huge carbon reduction using lighter weight products, which is of utmost importance to Coveris UK and an investment prerequisite for the Group. The weight saving of the cap reduces the overall quantity of polymer purchased, processed and ultimately transported both to the Company and from it as finished caps. The environmental benefits are clear.

The latest cap development follows a long history of innovation: In 2011, the Company was first to launch the “tinted cap” to the market, which supported recycling yields for the UK industry, in 2014, Coveris launched the lightest dairy cap in the world at 1.2 grams, a saving of 0.8 grams over the cap which was first launched ten years ago, and this year the Company plan to launch a unique solution to the problem of piercable heat sealed caps.