Monday, August 11th, 2014

The high quality print of the label is an integral part of the product and cannot be removed, peeled away or damaged by the sauce itself. It was imperative to the high quality look of the end product, whilst also being 100% recyclable.

COVERIS is already a major supplier to the UK dairy industry for IML containers for fresh cream, cottage cheese, crème fraîche and custard products. First Milk recognised the versatility of the thin wall containers and considered this packaging also for this new product line. First Milk Marketing Director David Young commented: “COVERIS were a pleasure to work with, and their support throughout the product’s development ensured that our needs and deadlines were met. Achieving the best shelf appeal possible is crucial to retail sales and we are delighted with the outcome.”

Tony Park, Managing Director COVERIS Rigid (Mansfield) UK Ltd., said: “We started supplying First Milk just over 12 months ago with thin wall in-mould labelled packaging for their dairy business. During this time, we have seen the Lake District Dairy Co. quark products go from strength to strength. This new product line is an exciting opportunity for both companies as we venture into the food sector, which is a firm part of our overall strategic direction for business growth and new market opportunities.”

The highly innovative approach of the Lake District Dairy Co. has been recognised once more by an award. In June 2014 the Cooking Sauces were regarded as the “Best Brand Extension” at the World Dairy Innovation Awards, which is just one example for the fact that innovation continues to be the key driver in the dairy industry.