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Thursday, April 11th, 2019

One of the PACCOR’s top executives was appointed to become a Board of Directors’ member of the influential and opinion-forming body on the European scene of plastics packing – Petcore and Plastic Association. Thanks to that, PACCOR has received more effective power to make essential changes in the European legislation concerning plastics industry.

Nicolas Lorenz has been elected a Member of the Board of Directors of Petcore Europe and Plastic Association ( The nomination was made by Forum PET Europe which was founded by Elipso – PET association in France and Industrievereinigung Kunstoffverpackungen e.V. (IK) – the German industry association and will last for the next three years.

Petcore Europe, based in Brussels, Belgium is the association representing the complete PET value chain in Europe. The mission is to ensure that the entire PET industry is well aligned to enhance its value and sustainable growth. The main objectives are, among others, to represent the PET industry before the European institutions and other stakeholders, to ensure that PET is positioned as an outstanding packaging material and recognized as an environmentally sound product, to support and validate innovative packaging solutions from a recycling perspective and to work with all interested parties to ensure a continuous increase of PET post-consumer collection and recycling.

Mr. Lorenz will be involved, among others, in the discussions with the European Commission about the current and future outline of plastics strategy. He will also be involved in the work on the challenges concerning Tray thermoforming and the usage of recycled PET to deliver clarity about the possibilities with this material.

“Thanks to my new role, I can better stimulate and contribute to introduce legislative changes at the European level. My main goal is to ensure that the right message considering plastics packaging industry and its prospects for innovative solutions and sustainable development will be passed to European authorities. Since PACCOR has been the capable supplier of rigid packaging solutions, I do believe that we will properly influence the future journey of plastic packaging.” – said Nicolas Lorenz, Vice President Sales Northern Europe at PACCOR.

In addition to the Director’s role, Mr. Lorenz was also elected and would act as co-chairman of the PET thermoplastic recycling working group ( This entity comprises around 50 companies and organizations including key players from the manufacturing and waste management industries. The main goal is to increase the market share of PET in thermoforms in Europe by providing sustainable and reliable end-of-life solutions for their effective recycling. The focus lies on the following targets: maintain and possibly increase the market share of PET thermoforms in the European market, improve the image of PET thermoforms as best-in-class by promoting a value-chain approach by end users (retailers, brand owners, consumers) and last but not least to provide sustainable and reliable end of life options for PET thermoforms. The Working Group on Recycling PET Thermoforms is going to organize the great number events and meetings. The next one is going to take place on 30th of April 2019.

Finally, Mr. Lorenz has become a member of the German Thermoform workgroup organized by the Industrievereinigung Kunstoffverpackungen e.V. which represents the interests of manufacturers of plastics packaging and firms in Germany and Europe. With over 300 members, the IK is the biggest trade association within the plastics packaging industry in Europe, and it reviews among others options to recycle PET trays for rPET usage in Food packaging sector.