Friday, August 23rd, 2019

PACCOR is launching a new initiative in reference to sustainable production. The campaign is the first of many that will be introduced to give a voice to the manufacturer’s eco-friendly packaging solutions.

“I’m recyclable” is the name of the new project which underlies PACCOR’s devotion to manufacturing sustainable packaging solutions. This initiative is to unite all environmentally friendly projects undertaken by the producer to empower the changes leading to better environmental protection. PACCOR has been a socially responsible company, a signatory of the New Plastic Global Commitment agreement and has run numerous eco-friendly initiatives, joint-ventures and projects. So, it is worth it to emphasize and visualize that sustainable approach and to communicate it on products to both customers and end-users.

The following PACCOR’s products will take part in the new initiative and will present the logo of the campaign “I’m recyclable”:

  • All rPET cups & lids 78mm & 95mm including 95mm Insert,
  • SH range,
  • Tri Pot range,
  • DeliGreen Range,
  • Vision Range,
  • Wave range,
  • Deli Pots & Lids range.

This important initiative is a part of PACCOR’s 2023 agenda which focuses on delivering 100% recyclable products to our customers. – said Nicolas Lorenz, Chief Commercial Officer, PACCOR. – We are very proud that PACCOR has been making a significant impact on protecting the environment. – added Nicolas Lorenz from PACCOR

PACCOR has gone all the way to manufacture plastics in an eco-friendly way for the last several years. The company has invested hundreds of millions of Euros to change methods, technologies and production lines to focus on the recycling packaging process, switching to disposable products for reusable packaging and the production of plastic using post-consumer materials. Currently PACCOR rPET range is made with 80% or more recycled PET. But, the achievable main goal is to produce 100% safe plastic packaging and to use it in the production of 100% reused, recycled, or composted waste material by 2023.