Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Coveris, a leading provider of plastic-paper packaging solutions for the FMCG industry, announces the investment in additional DuoSmart® capacity in Nordic Europe. The production of the company’s flagship product range, innovative plastic-paper cups, is now located in two Coveris factories – in Poland and Finland. The investment decision was fuelled by the success of the DuoSmart® brand all over Europeand its continued growth in the recent years. “The new addition to the manufacturing facility significantly increases our production capacity and improves the overall service level we offer to our key customers”, says Marita Jaatinen, Managing Director, Nordic Europe.

The state-of-the-art 20.000 m² factory in Finland was put into operation in 2012 as the result of a growth and improvement program. It was an important step to grow the business in the Nordic region and to deliver preferred services in terms of quality, supply-chain and innovation.

DuoSmart® cups are a modern packaging solution combining the attractive appearance of paper with the functionality of polymers. The packaging saves up to 50% of polymers compared to thin wall plastic pots or cups. The superior protection assures food products being safe during the whole supply chain. Today, it is widely chosen for dairy products, spreadable fats and cheese products, instant meals, prepared food and snacks, pet food and many other product applications.

With the DuoSmart® production expansion in Finland, the company strengthens its market presence and creates the necessary capacity to reliably meet the growing market demand in both Northern Europe and Russia. Coveris also sets an important milestone to further grow the rigid plastic and paper business in the Group, which is a global industry leader for high performance and innovative flexible and rigid packaging.