Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Located in Zell, Germany and Stanley, UK, Coveris’ Centers for Development and Innovation have comprehensive capabilities in innovation and CO-development with both food and non-food manufacturers around the globe. These capabilities are now presented to clients online under the “Innovation” tab at The new webpages further expand the company’s online presence and help to share Coveris’ ideas for the future.

The webpages present clear examples of innovation and reflect the strengths, abilities and originality in Coveris’ packaging solutions. With a welcoming design that seamlessly adapts to all devices, visitors are naturally encouraged to interact with the site.

Along with being responsive, a vision of a state-of-the-art packaging development process is shown and clearly depicts Coveris’ general approach to bringing the company and its partners closer. The webpages prove Coveris as a first-choice partner when it comes to discovering new solutions in packaging.

Visitors of the webpages are invited to discover innovation at Coveris in an inspiration gallery that features packaging solutions based on new and sustainable materials, lightweight and cost-efficient technologies, or stand-out products with high-quality and custom-made decoration options. Examples include the FFS Sheet NEOCELL PP+, lightweight injection compression moulding technology and thermoforming in-mould labelling, uniting barrier and decoration in one plastic package.

The speed, flexibility and confidentiality of the centers, all make the difference and are part of the experience of partnering with Coveris. As a development partner with strategic one-stop locations, Coveris translates trends into innovative solutions of high-performance packaging, making life easier.

“The company’s own Centers for Development and Innovation play a fundamental role in the development of technologies, materials and products, as they are crucial in speeding up the whole process”, says Helmut Ruland, Director of Innovation & Technology.

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