Monday, March 13th, 2017

This exciting range of sustainable, practical and modern bowls has been created to meet the demands of the booming foodservice industry and has been awarded a Snacking d’Or Award for 2017 by a judging panel of snack and food experts.


The DeliGreen™ range is manufactured with up to 80% crystal-clear rPET, which is produced at the Coveris Rigid factory in Soustons, France, and is a viable alternative to virgin PET.

By striving to achieve zero-waste production, Coveris Rigid succeeds at its Soustons factory in maximizing material usage by converting post-consumer PET and skeleton waste into rPET in a combined process. As sourcing of raw materials is done locally, this is an important step towards a fully circular economy and enables a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.


Practicality is important for both retailer and consumer and is another asset of the DeliGreen™ range. The dedicated hermetic and reclosable lid fits all sizes of containers, is tamper-proof and easy to open and close, making it user-friendly. The universal lid reduces inventories and the compact and simple shapes of the packaging provide great stackability and maximize shelf space. The range is available in sizes of 240, 375, 550 and 750 ml and all products are packed in sleeves – essential for foodservice applications.


Packaging design is as important as ever, both for the environmental footprint and visibility. The eco-friendly rPET material and minimalistic design of the DeliGreen™ range quickly catches the eye of the consumer and simultaneously satisfies the demands of today’s foodservice industry – sustainable, practical and modern.

Award and Public Events

The DeliGreen™ range will be awarded a trophy by the Snacking d’Or Awards 2017 at the Sandwich & Snack Show in Paris, France. The show will be held at the Paris expo Porte de Versailles, Pavillon 7.1, from 15-16 March 2017.

Specialists will also be on hand to display the DeliGreen™ range and to provide full support in finding the right packaging solutions for your needs at Interpack, the leading processes and packaging trade fair held in Dusseldorf, Germany from 4-10 May 2017. You can find us in Hall 10 at Stand E43.