Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Visitors of this year’s ScanPack can expect not only a broad range of innovative consumer goods packaging products but also a large number of convenient and visually appealing food service solutions by Coveris. The relatively new Company is the result of strategic M&As and meanwhile a global player and leading packaging solutions provider for food, beverage and non-food applications. With years of experience in packaging technology and material, continuous investment in R&D and with fast, individual new product development capabilities, Coveris has launched award-winning packaging innovations for the fast-moving consumer goods and foodservice markets.

During this year’s ScanPack in Gothenburg, Sweden, rigid and flexible packaging manufacturer Coveris puts the focus both on established packaging solutions and the latest product & technology innovations, which are presented at the Coveris Stand C04:07 between 20th-23rd October.

With PACCOR, Kobusch and St. Neots as former separate legal entities before becoming Coveris, the company looks back to a long Foodservice tradition, having developed profound expertise in this industry. Thus, it is able to meet the demand of its customers by developing and manufacturing functional, convenient and sustainable packaging solutions with sophisticated decoration and highly appealing presentation.

As a local partner with global reach, Coveris is close to its customers and profits from access to the global packaging range of the Group, which makes it easy to launch an existing product in a different market within a short period of time.

With great success in Central and Eastern Europe and in the UK, Coveris’ Foodservice offering has recently entered the Scandinavian Foodservice markets. “Our Foodservice customers appreciate our wide offering of convenient and visually appealing packaging solutions”, said Kimmo Tuovinen, Sales Director from Coveris Rigid Finland. Be it a snack packs with integrated cutlery, an easy to carry handle pot or a high-quality sushi or delicatessen trays – Coveris perfectly translates trends into solutions, high performance packaging solutions. He adds: “That’s why visitors will see both well-established packaging solutions and new, innovative product & technology innovations as part of the Company’s Food Service highlights at ScanPack.”

Sushi & Deli tray range – an ongoing success

The Sushi & Deli tray range of Coveris is the result of ongoing development and continuous improvement. Over the years, more and more products, such as biscuits, pastry, tapas, cheese and other snacks, have found their way onto the trays, which were formerly only used as sushi trays. The trays convince by its sleek design, its black base, combined with a crystal-clear PET lid, giving the packed products a high‑quality look and premium image. A special feature of the trays is the open base with separate compartments. The standard range is available in many different sizes and designs (compartments) and is successfully sold throughout Europe & the UK. Recently, Coveris has also developed a number of new, custom-made versions in cooperation with its clients who are catering companies, quick service restaurants or wholesalers and retailers.

Crystal-clear, re-closable PET packaging solutions for healthy snacking products

In the recent years, the trend for healthy snacking continued to boom, which has resulted in a growing demand for adequate product packaging from snack and fresh food companies. To meet the growing demand Coveris has heavily invested in PET capabilities and developed a number of PET series around cups, pots, tumblers and containers, which are supplied to vegetable or fruit producers and other so-called healthy snack supplier. The crystal-clear properties of the PET material makes the packaging not only highly appealing to consumers but also allows their view on the packaged product, building on the trend of authenticity. Furthermore, the packaging is highly convenient as the product can be easily consumed out of home or on the go. Thanks to a number of different lidding solutions, the product can also be re-closed for later consumption. In combination with high-quality, customized printing in up to 8 colors, the PET series are the perfect solution for individual branding.

Ovenable C-PET trays

With the new C-PET bakery range, which is made from high strength material, Coveris has developed and launched an ideal solution for oven cooking. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes these are a perfect accessory for home baking cakes, puddings and pizzas. Finished in black material, the new range offers an attractive appearance and superb oven to table presentation.

VenDuo® vending cups – innovative premium solution for the vending industry

VenDuo® is a patented vending cup range with excellent insulation properties, which consists of a plastic inlet (PS) and a brandable paper banderole. The technology is based on the successful DuoSmart® concept, a promising plastic-paper-combination with numerous branding and promotion opportunities and has been nominated for the Vending Star 2015. VenDuo® completes the existing PS vending cup ranges for vending operators by a reliable, highly decorative, functional, sustainable and vendible packaging solution for premium positioned products.