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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Coveris strengthens leadership in Eastern Europe

Despite the political situation in which Ukraine is currently embroiled, Coveris has taken a courageous decision to invest in Ukraine to support the local dairy and processed food manufactures and offer premium quality packaging to the consumers. Although the market is turbulent, there is a space for development and growth of new products, which require high protection, functionality and appealing presentation.

Coveris Rigid Ukraine, in close cooperation with Coveris Rigid Poland, has mastered this task by successfully launching a DuoSmart® cup range in various sizes, including a brand-new 330 ml cup. The range of these thermoformed cups is perfectly suitable for dairy and instant food products. DuoSmart® is also available in a “Light” version, containing a paper wrapper without a paper bottom base, which reduces overall package weight.

With DuoSmart® supplied from both Kiev (Ukraine) and Siemianowice Ślaskie (Poland), Coveris Rigid is positioned to become a leading paper-plastic packaging solution provider to the Ukrainian dairy market. Buyers in the region will benefit from a premium packaging solution, which consists of a functional plastic cup with a highly decorative paper wrapper.

Positive future prospects to grow in Eastern Europe

The bilateral partnership of Coveris Ukraine and Poland and its business partners in the Ukraine will allow both sides to invest and develop in this challenging market. For Coveris it also presents an important step in terms of business development in Eastern Europe.

“In the last twelve months Coveris Rigid Ukraine has launched seven different DuoSmart® shapes for global players in the Ukrainian dairy and instant food markets with great support from Coveris Rigid Poland. We expect to launch further products in the upcoming months”, concludes Volodymyr Stipakhno, GM Deputy of Coveris Rigid Ukraine.