Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Demographic change has led to a significant increase in single households and demand for food which is offered in small portions and in reclosable packaging. In addition, urbanization not only goes hand in hand with a busier lifestyle, but also with more and more people working in offices and lacking time for preparing meals at home. This megatrends drives demand for food which can be enjoyed on the road or quickly be prepared at home. Food packaging thus needs to ensure safe transportation, product protection, quality preservation as well security against manipulation.
Coveris offers a broad range of functional packaging solutions – which allow for convenient transportation, are easy to use and environmental friendly. Furthermore, they actively support consumer goods and food manufacturers in differentiating their products and strengthening their brand through specific design and branding opportunities while they extend the product shelf life.
Over the years, Coveris has significantly invested in innovation and built a global offering for functional packaging. Its broad range of packaging solutions is widely chosen for on-the-go food service, instant and ready meals, smoothies, soft drinks and dairy products like yoghurt, dessert and ice cream, spreads and many more.
Its barrier and retortable packaging maintains product freshness and extends product shelf life. In addition, all packaging products, such as barrier lids, pots and tubs, are helping to protect the nutritional value, natural color, aroma and taste of their contents. They are made of extruded multilayer film with optimized sealing or barrier properties. Representative examples in that context are thermoformed barrier pots and T-IML tubs.
The T-IML series represents a revolutionary technology of thermoforming in-mold labelling (T-IML) and was awarded the Packaging Oscar Award in November 2013. T-IML tubs are thermoformed tubs made of extruded barrier sheet with highly decorative in mold label. This allows for exciting design and branding opportunities like high-quality printing for photo-realistic illustration other sophisticated and large-scale decoration. In addition, Coveris re-close solutions for lidding film applications such as “Reclose” are helping to further enhance customer convenience and to reduce food and packaging waste.