Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Demand for sophisticated decoration

COVERIS Rigid recently invested in direct laser engraved (DLE) technology. The investment is the logical next step in our continuous development and improvement of the quality of dry offset printing.

Key benefits of 3D DLE technology

Smooth gradients, smooth shadow, smooth shine, good details and good readability are the key benefits of printing from 3D direct laser engraved plates. With the improved plate preparation, COVERIS is now able to offer premium, high resolution dry offset printing decoration to its customers. Zoltan Marosits, R&D Prepress Specialist at COVERIS Hungary, Center of Excellence for the technology, expects 3D DLE to replace the analogue technology in the near future. He explains: “The printing results of 3D DLE are much better. Details can be printed much more precise and product decoration as a whole is of higher quality compared to existing analogue and digital high resolution black mask technologies.”

Premium product decoration

As a result, 3D DLE presents a real alternative to sleeved or IML decorated product packagings, which are established and commonly used for premium products packed in plastic packaging. The only limitation of dry offset printing decoration is the limited printing space, whereas sleeves and IML labels can make use of the complete surface for brand communication.

Competitive in-house solution

With the implementation of the new 3D DLE technology, COVERIS has created an in-house solution,securing a competitive advantage for the group. Helmut Ruland, Director Technology & Innovation, adds: “This enables us to be in a leading position and to meet the growing demand for sophisticated decoration.”