Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

PACCOR has launched a new initiative which will stimulate sustainability awareness and support organizers of events to turn single use plastic products into valuable resources for future products.

PACCOR’s newest project called “Circular events” focuses on the so called “Closed Loop” programs. It allows the manufacturer to launch a sustainable circulation of billions of plastic cups distributed and used during various types of mass events around the globe. The whole process is composed of the following actions: beverage and food plastic containers used during big assemblies, such as music concerts, shows or sport performances are collected and transported to a specialized recycling partner of PACCOR, then crushed and recycled in order to protect them from ending up in landfills or the natural environment. Afterwards, the material will be used in PACCOR’s manufacturing sites to produce new cups made of 100% recycled material (rPET) closing the loop on our circularity drinking cups. Recycling PET leads to around 60% energy savings and more than 70% lower carbon dioxide emissions compare to virgin plastics.

We have been a truly devoted company to sustainability in the recent years. We have launched numerous projects and technology modifications allowing us to not only lower the amount of plastic needed to manufacture it in order to consume less raw materials, but also to collect and recycle plastics in the most effective way. – said Nicolas Lorenz, Chief Commercial Officer of PACCOR.

The use of post-consumer material is key to PACCOR’ environmental strategy, and thus a lot of  investments have been made in recent years. The implemented decontamination technology allows post-consumer PET, recovered mainly from general collection schemes, to be converted back into a material suitable for direct food contact. This solution has already been applied in manufacturing sites in Poland, France, Netherlands and UK.

PACCOR is a part of 400 global organizations and companies which have signed The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment. The strategic partnership is a significant step forward for PACCOR’s sustainability and transparency policy. By applying the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment recommendations, PACCOR aims to produce its packaging in a sustainable way. Focus is placed on optimizing design and material use, increasing the amount of recyclable and recycled materials made into new products and continuous process improvement.

Please join us by making plastic cups the most sustainable product and book your next “Circular events”.