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Friday, June 6th, 2014

In Winter 2013, the Coveris factory in Siemianowice Śląskie began production of polypropylene (PP) trays for fresh food packaging. Their launch was triggered by customer demand and Coveris’ strategy to enter new markets and to strengthen the position of a leading packaging manufacturer. The launch was preceded by tests to customize the shape and functionality of the trays in order to fulfil the customer’s expectations. The Coveris trays are light-weight and have a unique shape for differentiation and enhanced product presentation.

Winning solution for new applications

Universal and functional trays provide product protection for fresh food products throughout the complete logistics and supply-chain process, from field to fork. The dimensions of the trays are 182 x 142 mm and they are available in two depths: 50 mm and 70 mm which also allow them to easily fit into transport containers.

Available in blue, black or transparent colours, transparent trays enable consumers to view the product before purchase to provide added assurance and enhanced shelf appearance through the visible freshness appeal of the product.

Successful market launch

With a host of visible benefits, the trays advantages stem across various food categories, in particular the fresh produce sector with the transparent trays launched as the ideal packaging for green salads. In 2014 the trays have been delivered to few companies which supply the products to Tesco stores.