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Monday, November 18th, 2019

We as consumers, companies, manufacturers, and politicians are all responsible for the condition of the environment and the future of it. The best solution for this challenge is to have a circular economy. But, this will only work properly if it’s spread globally and supported with laws and legislations. How has PACCOR implemented and influenced a recycled loop to be universal?

In practice, PACCOR’s efforts have been divided into two areas of action. The first one, focuses on spreading the idea globally by enacting and encouraging others to support it. This entails meetings with authorities and politicians at national and local levels, in which the whole spectrum of information on the matter has been presented. Propositions have already been made on how to change the laws for the better and fully support the launch of the circular economy.

PACCOR’s efforts have been correlated to the current mainstream narrative which is heading towards the wrong end – that plastic is harmful.  Plastic packaging offers many benefits, e.g. it extends products’ shelf life or protects food during transportation, which are not always taken into consideration. The most important part is that plastics after their use should be sorted, recycled and then used with post-consumer materials to manufacture new plastic packaging thus saving precious natural resources. The solution to the worlds’ common challenge is not to get rid of plastics but to support the circular economy on a massive scale.

Recently, PACCOR’s representatives have met with Ms. Stéphanie Kerbarh, MP and rapporteur of the PJL Circular Economy at the National Assembly of France, Ms. Véronique Hammerer, Deputy of Gironde and Mr. Lionel Causse, Deputy of the Landes to talk about anti-waste law for a circular economy.

The picture presents (from left to right): Dominique Chenuet (PACCOR), Stéphanie Kerbarh (MP and rapporteur of the PJL Circular Economy at the National Assembly of France ), Véronique Hammerer (Deputy of Gironde)  and Lionel Cause (Deputy of the Landes).

Supporting law makers in properly shaping regulations which stimulate, support consumers and companies in doing right things for the good of the environment is our duty. – said David Etienne, Managing Director Southern Europe of PACCOR. – We, all shall focus on fully backing the circular economy for the good of our planet, ourselves and next generations. It up to us if it is widespread globally. added Mr. Etienne from PACCOR.

In the second area of action, PACCOR has launched multiple eco-friendly initiatives and projects. This is in an effort to open a dialogue between consumers and companies to engage in sustainability. The ultimate objective is to manufacture a completely secure plastic packaging solution and implement it in the production with 100% reused, recycled, or composted waste material by 2025. Thus, contributing profoundly to the circular economy.